Laurus Property Partners offers the highest quality fund raising and execution in the market
The entire team consists of former principals with extensive direct lending and investment experience

Our Strengths 

Benefits for our clients 

Real Estate Expertise

  • Extensive experience as principal investors and lenders
  • In-depth knowledge of all relevant asset classes
  • Tailor-made financing solution for all business plans
  • Independent long-term sparring partner

Pan-European Network

  • Excellent network of lenders and investors
  • Senior level relationships
  • Selection of most suitable financing partner
  • Laurus relationships improve pricing and facilitate approvals

Relevant Experience

  • Long-standing experience in the real estate industry
  • Best in class deal team for capital raising and execution
  • Outsourcing of entire process including documentation/CPs
  • Early-stage identification and mitigation of problems/risks

Institutional Approach

  • Property underwriting, analysis and cash flow modelling
  • Transaction structuring and presentation
  • Institutional quality deal presentation
  • Lenders use our documents for internal approval process

Financing Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of all relevant financing instruments
  • Closed deals in more than 10 European jurisdictions
  • Bespoke advice during capital sourcing process
  • Detailed knowledge of lender/investor requirements

Terms / Contract Negotiation

  • Proven ability to optimize deal terms/term sheets
  • Negotiation of financing documents
  • Lower funding cost due to competitive process
  • Customized documentation

Compensation Model

  • Extensive track record of transactions for clients
  • Deal closing skills
  • No retainer or cost compensation fees
  • Fees are funded via deal Sources & Uses
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